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How the Acupres Boards work from the reflexology side – Dariusz Ruder – European Center of Reflexology

That’s great that you received Acupres Boards for testing as a foot reflexology teaching center. We tested these specific “foot massagers” for several weeks.

What conclusions can be drawn from these observations?

In our opinion, Acupres Boards use the same mechanisms of impact on the human body as foot reflexology massage, i.e. they stimulate the endings of the sensory nerves in the skin of the foot and thus activate the reflex arc in the nervous system, after which the stimulation go to the nerve centers and further to the so-called effectors – muscles, fascia, endocrine glands and other internal organs, which results in the regulation of their functions. And to put it simply in colloquial language – we get an evident psychophysical relaxation of the whole body.

However, standing (and especially maintaining a standing position) on nail boards is not easy, especially for individuals with a low pain threshold. Enduring even a few minutes while standing on nails can be a significant challenge for many people.

And here comes another advantage of the boards… they are an excellent trainer of our strong will and body self-awareness.

Focusing attention on the sensations arising from the feet during this type of training can be an effective tool for delving deep within oneself and overcoming personal weaknesses.

We have also observed typical physical effects of standing on Acupres Boards, such as deep relaxation, improved concentration, reduced irritability, increased energy throughout the day, and deeper sleep.

Dariusz Ruder (physiotherapist, reflexologist)

European Academy of Reflexology


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