Product Detail

Gel separator for toes


The gel toe separator will help you get rid of the problem of overlapping, painful toes. Lightweight, highly effective, and safe. Wear it on your toes while walking around the house or on the way to work. Ideal in combination with working on Acupres Boards with nails.


Gel toe separator is an ideal solution for improving foot functionality, significantly supporting body posture


Tight shoes are a common source of discomfort and various health issues. Improper footwear can lead to various ailments, impacting body posture. Our gel toe separator is a solution created to enhance shoe comfort while simultaneously supporting foot health.

Issues related to wearing tight shoes:

  1. Contracted Toe: Tight shoes can cause toes to be squeezed and positioned unnaturally, leading to foot deformities.
  2. Corns and Rubbing: Poorly fitting footwear often results in the formation of corns and painful rubs, making daily functioning more challenging.
  3. Circulation Impairment: Tight shoes can restrict proper blood circulation in the feet, leading to tingling sensations, pain, and cold feet.
  4. Impaired Body Posture: Prolonged wearing of improperly sized shoes affects our posture, leading to back pain and spinal issues.


Benefits of using the gel toe separator:

  1. Improved Comfort: Our gel toe separator acts as a soft barrier between the toes, eliminating the feeling of constriction and enhancing overall shoe comfort.
  2. Protection against Rubbing: The gel structure of the separator effectively absorbs pressure, protecting toes from corns and rubbing.
  3. Support during Acupres Boards standing practice: The specially designed separator is flexible, allowing for wearing even during unique activities such as standing on nails.
  4. Enhanced Foot Flexibility: Regular use of the separator helps relax foot muscles, increasing their flexibility and reducing tension.
  5. Ease of Use: The product is easy to put on and can be worn in shoes during work or at home, providing relief to the feet anywhere.


By taking care of the health and comfort of your feet, you are also caring for your posture and overall physical and mental well-being.