Austria29 euro
Belgium29 euro
Bulgaria25 euro
Croatia25 euro
Czech Republic22 euro
France29 euro
Germany22 euro
Greece34 euro
Hungary22 euro
Italy29 euro
Latvia22 euro
Luxembourg29 euro
Malta34 euro
Netherlands29 euro
Portugal29 euro
Slovakia22 euro
Slovenia22 euro
Spain29 euro

Personal collection in Warsaw:

free pick-up – PLN 0

Domestic shipments:

InPost courier

free pick-up – PLN 0

inPost parcel lockers

free pick-up – PLN 0

International shipments:

for shipments abroad, please contact us by email:, or contact us by phone at +48 789 334 192

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

1. What is the delivery time for the order?

We send orders on a regular basis – up to 4 business days after receiving payment. In the case of personalized boards or unusual orders, the maximum delivery time is 21 days from the date of payment.

2. How are the boards packed, will the package arrive whole?

Please don’t be afraid. Our experienced team of employees takes care of packing the goods very carefully. In addition, the packages are marked with a sticker with the information: “carefully fragile”, thanks to which the courier company ensures safe transport to each customer.

3. Is it possible to ship goods outside of Poland?

At the moment, the Deskiƻycia store does not offer delivery outside of Poland, but this will change in the near future.