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Copper nails – dark brown


Life Boards with Copper Nails

Description of Life Boards:

Life Boards are a unique set of handmade wooden boards with eight hundred copper nails evenly distributed on their surface.

The evenly spaced nails, 10 mm apart, are designed to relieve tension stored in the body, stimulate receptors in the feet and hands to improve the flow of life energy, and activate our willpower to work at higher levels.

Life Boards are recognized as a tool for better health and well-being, serving to stimulate the feet, hands, back, and leg muscles.

Just a few minutes of practice with Life Boards provide a sense of body relaxation and mental cleansing from unnecessary thoughts.

Stand up and feel that you are alive!

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Life Boards with Copper Nails in Dark Brown Color

A Brief Overview of Life Boards:

The Life Board is suitable for beginners, being lightweight and compact—ideal for starting your practice. Standing on nails of this length is stable and comfortable, with a 10 mm spacing for a confident practice.

Standing on the board strengthens health and immunity, alleviates stress, and induces a sense of strength and energy flow after just five minutes, providing a meditative effect and clearing the mind. Start with three to five minutes and gradually extend the time to 15 – 30 minutes.

When both halves of the board are placed together, the nails are completely and safely concealed by the casing, thanks to additional holes.

Copper Nails:

Boards with copper nails are highly valued. Copper, a unique and essential metal for humans, possesses antimicrobial properties and is widely used in medicine. Copper is found in all living cells, earning it the title of the “metal of life” by biologists.

Beneficial Properties of Copper:

Copper’s unique property is its ability to conduct Earth’s energy. During exercises on Life Boards with copper nails, there is increased contact with the ground, sustaining vitality. Copper calms the psyche, promotes internal control, relieves tension, and instills confidence. It is a robust metal that reliably protects against negative energy.

Copper is associated with the planet Venus. Life Boards with copper nails work well for women to enhance feminine energy.

Learn more about the properties of copper in the following article:


Standing on the boards allows energy to flow more freely throughout the body.

In a healthy body, there is a healthy spirit!

Invite your loved ones to a joint session on Life Boards and enjoy better health together.

The materials used for the board are plywood, birch plywood, and copper nails. The top layer of the board is covered with a special transparent coating that protects against moisture and dirt.

Board dimensions: 36 cm x 15.5 cm x 3.8 cm (spacing of nails 10 mm)

Processing time up to 3 business days



During practice, ensure a dry and soft surface for the Life Boards; place them on a carpet, towel, or blanket.

Remember not to place them directly on the ground or on wet surfaces.

The better you take care of your health tool, the longer it will serve you!



Remember to close the Life Boards after each practice and store them in a safe place away from children and animals. Protect the health of your loved ones from accidental stepping on or falling onto the Life Boards.



  • High temperature. Standing on Life Boards releases energy and warms the body, which can further increase body temperature.
  • Epilepsy.
  • Hypertension.
  • Open wounds on the feet.
  • In the case of moles, warts, calluses, and freckles, protect these areas from massage;
  • Strokes and heart attacks less than 6 months before practice.
  • Alcohol poisoning.
  • We do not recommend practicing with nails in the case of exacerbation of chronic diseases; wait for recovery and exercise for your health!
  • Pregnancy – massaging points on the feet increases blood flow, which is not recommended during pregnancy.
  • Acute infectious diseases;
  • Some skin diseases (e.g., rashes, fungal infections, herpes);
  • Cancer. Life Boards work specifically on the surface of the feet, hands, or back and have a lymphatic drainage effect – a type of massage technique. However, in the case of cancer, any massage is contraindicated.
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